WebAlbumWizard 1.2.9

Publish your photos instantly


  • Catalogues photos and thumbnails them automatically


  • Doesn't have it's own online account

Not bad
Publishing photos onto the internet is something that's so common now, you'd think that developers would have stopped experimenting.

However, it seems that's not the case and WebAlbumWizard weighs in as yet another way to get your photos online in the minimum amount of time. The program lets you create galleries of images in HTML format which are instantly ready to be published on the Internet and no programming knowledge or design experience is required. The program analyzes the content of a directory of photos and places them in a gallery and then generates thumbnails. Whats most useful is that it can automatically generate comments and labels for each photos saving you the hassle of going through them one by one. This template comes with various options that can be changed or you can create your own by following the instructions which are in the Extras tab. There's support for JPEG and video files and it also offers parsing of EXIF information for details on your pictures.

A pleasure to use and saving tons of time in labelling, WebAlbumWizard may make you think twice about the way you upload your photos.

This tool enables you to create photo albums ready for internet publishing, customizable, and flexible, in a very simple way.

Amongst the features are automated reduced images, thumbnail generation and you can publish original images, or light images (like 640x480), or both. Intermediate size images are automatically generated aswell.



WebAlbumWizard 1.2.9

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